Homemade salted caramel sauces

If you want a seriously decadent and utterly scrumptious treat then try our amazing homemade salted caramel sauce; presented to you in re-useable original Kilner 0.25litre preserving jars, made with double cream from Jersey & Guernsey cows, sugar, flaked sea-salt and west country butter; using a French recipe passed on by a crepe seller in Sainte-Marine, Brittany.  New for 2017 Baileys salted caramel sauce!


What can you do with it? The short answer? Anything and everything!

Give it as gift; drizzle it over ice cream or pancakes; use it as a dip; swirl it into Greek yoghurt, brownies, banoffee pies & cheesecakes. Eat it by the spoonful.  No one judges when it comes to salted caramel!

danny caramel sauce